Maiden Operation in extended Dock of Chemical, Port of Tarragona

This week has conducted the first operation in the new extension of Chenmical Quay of the Port of Tarragona.
The ship "Chem Orion" downloaded about 2500 tons of acetic acid. It is a ship consigned by Marmedsa and operated by Terquimsa. It has a length of 125 meters, a depth of 7.76 meters and a beam of 18.80 meters.
Pier enlargement of Chemistry is the main port infrastructure that is working in the Port of Tarragona in order to improve the service offered to chemical companies installed in the industrial estates of Tarragona. The expansion, which will be fully operational in the summer of 2013, will increase the competitiveness of the Port of Tarragona logistics and chemical companies operate.

The expansion is an expanse of about 18 hectares and an additional berthing of about 1200 meters in which the largest ships can dock chemicals currently operating, expanding the spring of Chemistry is a bet the Port of Tarragona to give greater service territory.
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